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by alanpra...

special loans for fixing up properties

do fixxer upper loans exist and if so how can i apply. i can do almost all work myself becuse of my job in construction/carpentry. need funds for materials

Fostoria, OH - Sep 9th 2014
3 answers

by vidal.w...

will i pay more using a mortgage broker instead of going to lender direct

do they incuyr more broker fees?

Larkspur, CO - Sep 8th 2014
5 answers

by vinh20_...

best program for MANUFACTURE loans ?

manufactured is best price for me so far anf yet i am having difficulty finding loan programs spacific to them online? need to be pointed in right direction or if you lend them please tell me if i am a good prospect with 680 credit

Boydton, VA - Sep 5th 2014
3 answers

by hectora...

Can't put wife on mortgage due to credit but can we use her for down pay...

My wife has an account only in her name in which she has been saving up funds for buying a home. Recently her credit completely flipped due to some unfortunate circumstances. So we cannot put her on the mortgage. Can we still use the funds from her account toward the down...

Hawley, MN - Sep 4th 2014
5 answers

by alanyos...

locked my rate but hear they can go down how do i reverse this?

if rates go down afetr i lock can i make an adjustment? how would i approach this with the lender or do i need to spealk with a new mortgage company. i have gone through a local

Jacksonville, FL - Sep 3rd 2014
1 answers

by hillelo...

how to apply for a mortgage with FHA?

*first time buyer* I cannot find where to apply on the HUD website? sorry i know youre not the HUD help line but i'm hoping someone will tell me where to start as I have read you can apply for a FHA mortgage online if all your paperwork is together

Cornell, MI - Sep 2nd 2014
3 answers

by felado7...

really really worried about my DTI

my loan debts completely overshadow my annual income atm thanks to car and MBA. income itself is GOOD i make 8500 a year and have no trouble keeping up with all paymnts and savings but for a mortgage how is this going to work?? debts total $160,000!

Hobbs, NM - Aug 29th 2014
5 answers

by yaki846...

by 911rich...

I'm wondering is I can use a grant for down payment money?

Talked to and they said it would have to be classified as a gift, but then said they'd have to verify where the funds came from. When I said it's for my education and state funded they said it may not go through? Is there anyone who could accept grant for down paymt? Not...

Penn, PA - Aug 28th 2014
1 answers

by krtimot...

loan limits foR USDA

can I get a $300k home in upstate using usda? This does not just account for the home, which is only 3 bed/2 bath but also land

Clyde, NY - Aug 27th 2014
3 answers

by kraffer...

Is a 4.8% rate with 729 credit considered good?

I was kind of hoping i'd get lower. Like I said 729 credit, 3.5% down FHA 30 yr fixed... 4.8%!!

Tempe, AZ - Aug 26th 2014
7 answers

by jswisha...

will i qualify for DPA with a 670ish credit score?

looking for down payment assistance since i am still paying off student debt. concerned about my 670 score (last i checked freecreditreport is was 677 but that was 3 months ago)

Walsh, IL - Aug 26th 2014
3 answers

by arturo_...

by terell9...

Preapproval a litle higher than i was expecting, should I switch lenders?

I make anywhere between 40 and 50 a year with my commission and have a 722 fico. I've been looking into condos priced around 130 - 180k. However, I got preapproved for a loan amount of 400,000?? went through a private lender, not sure I should mention names, but this...

Tulsa, OK - Aug 25th 2014
2 answers

by k7rizzy...

will getting preaproval make getting actual morgage easier

if i do the preaproval will the closing go faster then if i had just gotten prequalified? i am trying to find a lender who streamlines the process as much as possible

Dryden, MI - Aug 22nd 2014
2 answers

by jdrulia...

buy now or later /?

hi there - in a bit of a bind. long story but i have to either start the process of getting a mortgage now, or the next possible time i can will be next spring. is there any reason to wait, like any predictions about rates dropping? want to make the smartest move, especially...

Sandy, UT - Aug 21st 2014
5 answers

by leah_re...

best loan type for first time buyer with 703 credit?

i have 8% to put down. is there anything else i will have to pay for??

Farmland, IN - Aug 20th 2014
4 answers

by robcoul...

Overdraws in checking account and mortgage

I have 2 overdraft alerts on my account from last year when I was struggling to pay some doctor bills wich are now all payed. Is this going to come up when I apply for a mortgage this year?

Holden, MA - Aug 20th 2014
4 answers

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