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by r3becke...

I'm a vet can I buy a home?

I live in Oregon have a judgment against me for $7,000. Can I still buy a house with nothing down? Is there anyway to have the $7,000 added to the price of a house?

Corvallis, OR - May 8th 2015
3 answers

by mshawki...

Can I get a mortgage after a bankruptcy

We had to take out Bankruptcy and it was discharged in Aug. Can we get a loan?

CA - Apr 13th 2015
4 answers

by jessica...

What discounts can I get being a graduate student?

I am looking to share a home with a friend and was wondering what student discounts I should look into. I'm looking in the Utah area, specifically Salt Lake City

Willard, UT - Mar 9th 2015
3 answers

by nillona...

i dont have a lot to put down but great credit, what should i do?

first time home buyer and i am just starting this process. I have 6k to put down and have been looking for condos. what mortgage program would work for me with 6k down and 729 fico?

Hobart, WA - Mar 5th 2015
7 answers

by Baronve...

whats the possibillity of financing the va funding fee into my loan?

in the market for a va loan, did not know about the funding fee. ca n it be rolled into the total loan? i was prepared for just about everything else including closing costs and my credit is very good above 700

Union City, OK - Feb 23rd 2015
4 answers

by crystal...

can any of down payment come from student grant money?

i work but my husband quit 2 years ago and is earning an accelerated B.S. full time. My income ($84k) is enough to qualify us as far as i know, but for down payment we'd really like to use some of his grants. how can we do this?

Belmont, TX - Feb 12th 2015
4 answers

by amckinn...


Question about refinancing, if my interest rate is 9.25 and I am 56 years old, should I consider refinancing or selling?

CA - Feb 8th 2015
9 answers

by jenniea...

How can I know the best credit range for fha aproval?

I am just checking and the transunion says 674 wich is lower than I thought.

Montebello, CA - Feb 6th 2015
3 answers

by alina78...

do down payment assistance loans come with higher rates?

i am trying to qualify for state program with second loan financing for mortgage fees but will the rates be high and add to my monthly payment

Wellesley, MA - Jan 28th 2015
4 answers

by vickwal...

If I get a homestyle loan for 10% down do I still have to pay PMI?

Not sure where the cutoff is...

Frankfort, MI - Jan 9th 2015
2 answers

by elias43...

I'm a Canadian not yet living in Oregon but want loan options for US

I have held a mortgage before with my ex wife but that split was in 2007. Following a job opportunity to the pac northwest. What are my options? I'll be on contract in the US on H1B

La Grande, OR - Dec 29th 2014
4 answers

by sala_ro...

I'm trying to get a VA loan but my credit is poor

It's 617. IDo I have any chance at all or is there a company who could at least also fo credit repair with me while also getting mortgage financed?

Bogata, TX - Dec 12th 2014
4 answers

by stalnec...

i need a lender for a first time home buyer

my dad passed away and left me his home his credit union will not let me pay the mortgage. i am in foreclosure and i need help.

Dover, NH - Nov 22nd 2014
5 answers

by justinr...

closing cost assistance for rhose island residents!

i'm a first time buyer and thought i had saved up enough for a loan - down payment, and extra just in case. i had no idea closing costs existed and now they would really cut into my moving budget. is there any closing cost help? i assume there would be income limits - mine is...

Shannock, RI - Nov 19th 2014
4 answers

by 21swize...

are there speciale/different loan limits for fha 203k?

taking into account the funds for the repairs plus the loan for the actual property. trying to decide between 203k and construction

Bethesda, MD - Nov 13th 2014
2 answers

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