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I'm a Canadian not yet living in Oregon but want loan options for US

I have held a mortgage before with my ex wife but that split was in 2007. Following a job opportunity to the pac northwest. What are my options? I'll be on contract in the US on H1B
By elias437i56483751 from OR Dec 29th 2014
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I would need a lot more information to tell you exactly what type of loan you would qualify for, but we do have loans for Foreign Nationals, so I'm sure we could get you into a loan.Please call or email me if you'd like to discuss it further.Jim WagonerGuaranteed Rate503-468-7739jim.wagoner@guaranteedrate.comNMLS 261446

Dec 29th 2014

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I do have loans for Foreign Nationals, so that is not a problem.. When will you be in OR? YOU CAN also purchase your home as a investment, not as primary since you are not in the states yet.. I deal with tons of Canadians.. email me at yourloanpartnerforlife@live.com

Dec 29th 2014

Foreign National loans are available bu with the HIB Visa you can actually purchase owner occupied. What happened with the house with exwife? Did she refinance in her own name? I am happy to guide you to the lowest rate. Getting a loan in the US is different than in Canada. In Canada loans are often due and payable in 7 or 5 years- this is not the case here. However the paperwork required now after the crash is more than you might realize. We will need your Canadian returns past two years and bank statements past 60 days every page plus the offer from the job in Oregon to start. Last year I closed many loans for Canadians buying here. (949) 784- 9699 cell number

Jan 22nd 2015

We are giving out loans/project funding if you have a project that needs financing kindly contact me Email:info.james.fin@gmail.comRegards

May 12th 2015


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