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by sherrim...

Sell of a unfinished home

I started building a second home out of pocket for $350,000, the house wasn't finish, and I had to sell it, which was $250,000. It suppose have been my primary, do I have to pay a capital gain?

CA - Apr 29th 2018
1 answers

by locayda...


CA - Oct 30th 2017
This question has not yet been answered.

by andy_h_...

by deannap...

how much do I need to reinvest or owe to taxes for capital gains?

I bought my 3 plex for 1.5 million. I have lived in one of the units for over two years, so it is my primary residence. If I sell for 3.3 million, how much will I have to keep in cash and how much will I have to reninvest in a income property and personal home? I owe 1million on the...

Los Angeles, CA - Jan 3rd 2017
This question has not yet been answered.

by mikeand...

Can I buy a condo in sc but work in nc?

The condo will be primary home.

CA - Nov 19th 2016
1 answers

by monica....

how much house i can i afford

Huffman, TX - Oct 10th 2016
2 answers

by stephen356

need a cma

CA - Aug 24th 2016
1 answers

by fmancio...

by anixel2727


Buenas me gustaria vender una propiedad como se hace???

08 - Mar 17th 2016
1 answers

by lowkeyp...

I Need Help. I'm looking to do a HELOC.

I currently owe $160,000 ( FHA @ 3.25% with Wells Fargo) on a single family home in South Florida. Zillow appraised my home at $215,000 and I would like take out $10,000. My Debt to Income ratio is at 53% believe. Can any one work with me? My credit score is 648 Eq, 650 Trans,...

Boynton Beach, FL - Feb 25th 2016
4 answers

by cooltra...

Unsubscribe staying in oregon city or


OR - Jan 21st 2016
This question has not yet been answered.

by karenpi...

I did a BK that was discharged in May 2012

when can I get a conventional loan and are there programs that require just 10% down

Las Vegas, NV - Nov 30th 2015
4 answers

by timfran...

how do i figure my capitol gain ?

I purchased a rental home ($150k) 10 years ago, since then the value hasn't went up in the area (140k). I've depreciated the repairs and improvements every year and have taken a loss (taxes,ins,improvements - minus income). will i have capitol gains? if so how are...

CA - Oct 21st 2015
3 answers

by cheroke...

iam disabled and my hus.is to we need a bigger house in another state. h...

whenwe bought this house it was ok now that i have all this disabled equipment.i am always rippingthe walls and furniture with my wheelchair. we havr got to have a larger house.

CA - Aug 4th 2015
1 answers

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