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by justinr...

closing cost assistance for rhose island residents!

i'm a first time buyer and thought i had saved up enough for a loan - down payment, and extra just in case. i had no idea closing costs existed and now they would really cut into my moving budget. is there any closing cost help? i assume there would be income limits - mine is...

Shannock, RI - Nov 19th 2014
4 answers

by 21swize...

are there speciale/different loan limits for fha 203k?

taking into account the funds for the repairs plus the loan for the actual property. trying to decide between 203k and construction

Bethesda, MD - Nov 13th 2014
2 answers

by viara1m...

do lenders use my gross or net income for considering my mortgage eligib...

they said gross on the site but that doesnt make a lot of sense to me? just want to clarify because i need to take into account how much i can actually afford to pay after tax and bills

Horton, MI - Oct 30th 2014
3 answers

by keshira...

Will daughter's income count for usda income cap?

My adult daughter lives with me and my husband because she has just graduated school, is working and saving money. We're moving and looking at usda but do not make the income requirement because my daughter pushes us over the limit. She does not contribute to the house...

Salt Lake City, UT - Oct 29th 2014
3 answers

by allestg...

Bank said i'd need mortgage escrow - isnt that just for buying the prope...

I would have asked the loan rep but I was wary of him working me over. I've never bought before so bear with me - was told I'd need a separate escrow account for my mortgage with lump sum, different from the property escrow. Does this sound about right or is somethig off...

Hutchinson, PA - Oct 28th 2014
2 answers

by rayfrit...

What is the minimum I can put down for FHA?

On some websites I see 3.5%, 3% and some I see 0%. If I could qualify for 0 down with 748 fico score please let me know. I have a car loan out and make $3500/mo before taxes

Parkersburg, WV - Oct 27th 2014
4 answers

by tadeomi...

spanish talk


Beloit, WI - Oct 23rd 2014
This question has not yet been answered.

by redzomb...

Could I get a 20 year mortgage on one of those "tiny homes"?

Looking to move out of my sisters house and into her backyard. 0 debt to income ratio, excellent credit 720-740, and on SSDI. Looking at a 50K loan for 240 months at 3-3.5%APR. 10% down payment with a 5k balloon payment at the end of loan

IL - Oct 21st 2014
1 answers

by satyron...

I'm actually from Canada and i want a loan

I originally moved to the US for school in Boise. I have a perm residence status here. Do I still need to qualify as a "foreign national' or do I have more leeway?

Idaho City, ID - Oct 17th 2014
1 answers

by gerred9...

lenders rates are not matching low rates i see online?

i've been following rates and see how low theyve gone but the quotes i'm getting are much higher. my credit is 726 which i thought was pretty good. are the online rates always lower or for people with very high fico scores? the quote i got was 4.2% on a fha 30 yr fixed

Grand Junction, CO - Oct 16th 2014
6 answers

by lancast...

For the fha mortgage insurance i'm told i'm going to pay 1.3% every month??

I know there has got to be a mistake because in my case that's well over $2000 for pmi every month alone!

Brigham City, UT - Oct 15th 2014
2 answers

by anawelc...

When am i supposed to receive a good faith estimate?

I have been preapproved but have not heard about a GFE yet and my loan officer is not getting back to me so i'm concerned i'm getting scammed? At least I have not paid anything yet

Des Moines, IA - Oct 14th 2014
5 answers

by bancrof...

is lease to own condominium available?

like for 2 bedroom 2 bath? i have 747 credit

Warwick, RI - Oct 14th 2014
2 answers

by linnwil...

getting va loan versus conventional?

my husband can qualify for va but his credit is terrible. the only other option weve heard that does not have mortgage insurance is convenventional loans through fannie mae? is there a bigger benefit to go with that instead va given john's bad credit score?

Kingsport, TN - Oct 13th 2014
2 answers

by sal.phi...

Improvements for disability/elderly 203k mortgage

I'm helping my dad buy a house. He's very independent, mentally sound. has physica limitations though and it would be great to fund some ramp building and a few other things like havve railings installed on the property to help him out. 203k a good route?

Levittown, PA - Oct 10th 2014
3 answers

by anibalc...

first floor comercial 2do 3er floor family

primer piso comercia seggundo y tercer piso residencial

Boston, MA - Oct 8th 2014
1 answers

by faderon...

can first time buyer buy an investment property?

i'd like to use money ive saved to buy a house but i do not want to be stuck to a house now or anytime soon. never had a mortgage but id like to get a place to just rent out and hopefully give me income/security down the line and would be using a property management company. 735...

Curlew, WA - Oct 8th 2014
4 answers

by aikmann...

best financial standing for having a mortgage

i want to know how much i should have saved up asifde from down payment? i have $12000 for a down payment and buying in general in a mututal fund now but aside from that account, my assets total only $5500 (that's checking /savings). No debts, thankfully. Have $200 at...

Towson, MD - Oct 7th 2014
4 answers

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