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Will daughter's income count for usda income cap?

My adult daughter lives with me and my husband because she has just graduated school, is working and saving money. We're moving and looking at usda but do not make the income requirement because my daughter pushes us over the limit. She does not contribute to the house payments in any way and will be out within a year - is there a way around this?
By keshiranjia794623672 from UT Oct 29th 2014
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Yes, all household income is used for USDA income and at present I don't know of any work around other than to use another program such as FHA along with using a down pmt assistance program.

Oct 29th 2014

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Help her move out into an apartment now.

Oct 29th 2014

Yes ALL of the household income is taken into consideration and there is no way getting around that. If she were to move out or something, then you wouldn't have that restriction, but as long as she lives in the house, her income has to be factored into the total. I am in SLC, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email if you have any additional questions.

Oct 30th 2014


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