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by cfische...

Getting a mortgage with collections on my acct

Is there a way to still get a home loan even though I have had to deal with collections recently? It was only for $150 that went completly under my radar

Fosterville, TN - Jul 16th 2014
4 answers

by copper1...

How long do i have to be in the military to qualify for a va mortgage

I have been in the service for only 5 months. Would i be able to get a va loan neway? Currently i live on base in st clair

Chambersburg, IL - Jul 15th 2014
4 answers

by mikepon...

Would a $530k loan in louisville be qualified as jumbo?

conventional loan limits for louisville

Louisville, KY - Jul 15th 2014
1 answers

by mariadr...

down payment gift money sourcing question!

I recently graduated and received several cash gifts from family and friends of family. I was astounded to find it all totaled $2400. I do plan to use the funds toward my down payment - how should I source this? hopefully i can avoid writing down the names of every person

Mesquite, NV - Jul 14th 2014
3 answers

by torrent...

Which is more important DTi or credit score

I have received a bonus and want to reduce my debt or pay off some credit cards. Should I allocate the money to one versus the other? I'm hoping paying down my 2 credit cards will push my 690 credit over the 700 line

Bluffton, IN - Jul 14th 2014
5 answers

by corinne...

fha203k allowable repairs/ financing?

want to qualify for an fha203k and immediately work on the new kitchen of the home. would i be able to also install a new oven and use the funds for a fridge?

Mora, NM - Jul 11th 2014
4 answers

by oaks2ar...

by ohsienn...

i want a car and a mortgage, what do i do.

my car just broke down but my lease is up in 4 months and i want a mortgage. i've been advised by several bankers to do NOTHING about my car (one even recommended i rent a car for 4 whole months...) because the large purchase will not only screw up my credit but look bad on my...

Fairfax, VA - Jul 9th 2014
1 answers

by jerryor...

will i qualify for a condo through FHA?

would like to get a condo - the ones i like are in the $150K rage. I make $47 K a year (gross) and have $5K saved up for down payment so far. 724 credit score. Can I qualify for something like FHA? I can save up more for down payment and plan to first anyway

Wheat Ridge, CO - Jul 9th 2014
4 answers

by capnord...

is disability included as income for rural development loans?

i'm reading that usda includes "total household income" and my son's disability money seems to barely put us right over the qualifying limit. but that money all goes to his care and medical expenses as he is unable to live on his own. is that disability going to count...

Junction City, OR - Jul 8th 2014
3 answers

by jreynol...

Curious about how much I could possibly get approved for

I've not really looked at property values so not sure what my down payment would be exactly but I have $11K saved up for a down payment alone. Credit hovers about 715. Any ballpark estimates for how much house I can afford?

Baytown, TX - Jul 8th 2014
2 answers

by rococo....

renting with option to buy - worth it for me?

i've read online about general possble drawbacks etc. but would like to know if my situation is good for a rent to own scenario: want to save more for down payment but have good income. 703 credit. looking at a promotion in October (already locked in) and small savings...

Washington, DC - Jul 7th 2014
1 answers

by yuri_ol...

will FHA finance a manufactured property?

does it just need to meet the requirements or do FHA manufactured homes have different ones

Midvale, UT - Jul 2nd 2014
5 answers

by ariane9...

by kyana.o...

in what case are hybrid loans beneficial - good for first time buyers?

i'm buyig for the first time and wondering if a hybrid mortgage would be ideal - living in home for exactly 4 years and no more (husband is military and we are being relocated for a contract period).

Elyria, OH - Jul 1st 2014
3 answers

by curtisw...

by justin....

Realtors do you have clients who want to buy but haven't started their j...

Solution- We have a 90 day from closing future income program

CO - Jun 30th 2014
This question has not yet been answered.

by freezia...

Is the loan amount guaranteed by a preapproval?

Got a preapproval for a $350K mortgage little over a month ago, then family matters put a big halt on my home buying. Ready to get back into the swing of things. Will this preapproval still work and am I guranteed the 350 by that lender or am I going to need to submit new...

Castle Rock, CO - Jun 30th 2014
3 answers

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