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is disability included as income for rural development loans?

i'm reading that usda includes "total household income" and my son's disability money seems to barely put us right over the qualifying limit. but that money all goes to his care and medical expenses as he is unable to live on his own. is that disability going to count toward our income
By capnorderly7843565 from OR Jul 8th 2014
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There is a calculator on the USDA Site that you can use to determine eligibility as some expenses are deducted to help adjust the income downward. You should use that calculator, but also reach out to someone who specializes in USDA Loans in your area. Good Luck!

Jul 8th 2014

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Definitely let an experienced mortgage lender calculate your income eligibility - that will be much more accurate than doing it yourself. If you plan to apply for a "direct" USDA loan (without going through a mortgage lender - which is possible for lower income applicants) you'll need to contact the USDA county office that serves your area. I can help with the normal direct loan program which goes through approved mortgage lenders: pdumouchel@primelending.com or 843-619-6025 http://pdumouchel.primelending.com **PrimeLending was #4 purchase mortgage lender in the US in 2012 and 2013 as determined by MarketTrac(c) for Jan-Dec 2012 & 2013

Jul 8th 2014

As stated before if you think you are close it would be best to contact a local Loan Officer as the lender and USDA may calculate your income differently then you see it.We are in Salem and do a lot of USDA loans locally if you would like help.Derick Condron503-510-8290

Jul 8th 2014


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