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by alarn79...

Are FHA down payment grants around?

Hoping to get $5000 in help for an FHA mortgage. Great income and credit, just had savings about depleted because of past health issues. would like to buy sooner rather than later. Can it happen

Salt Lake City, UT - Oct 2nd 2014
6 answers

by alvega7...

Do all va loans have zero down option?

even for poor to midrage credit? like 650-670

Oxford, NJ - Sep 30th 2014
9 answers

by calolse...

will lender check on me after preapproval

Once I'm preapproved does my credit/bank informatio get reviewed again or only the one time? basically: will activity on my end be looked at again anytime after the preapproval

Harrison, ME - Sep 29th 2014
5 answers

by vance2....

Lease to own good way to get mortgage with student loans/

Is down payment required or are requirements more leniet? More information about qualifying in CT would be great. Credit is good but m debt load is very high.

Newtown, CT - Sep 26th 2014
1 answers

by inoa.cl...

loan with no pmi

options for 40000 annually base income (commission varies) and 712 fico? how much will i need to put down and is there upfront cost? thank you

Vancouver, WA - Sep 25th 2014
2 answers

by artbori...

relocating - any help with mortgage?

i'm moving for work and get some compensation for it but i wanted to see if there's any sort of loan program that helps smooth out the buying process in a cross-country situation

Ash, NC - Sep 24th 2014
4 answers

by preeska...

Is there restriction on home buyers with student loan?

I have my masters and a lot of debt as a result. Starting a well paying job but how long do i have to wait to buy or could i get approved now?

Edgewood, MD - Sep 23rd 2014
2 answers

by arg0.ni...

Trying to buy an older home needs some work. whats best loan type

I was speaking with the bank about fha but the house has to meet an inspeaction and pass it? Not sure that wud happen. Definitely a fixer upper and I want to install central air. Confident I will get approval but maybe not the property itself with fha

Falls City, TX - Sep 23rd 2014
2 answers

by karpedi...

Do lenders need/check rental history?

My concern is I do not have one. Been living with family saving up to buy, went to local college - simply never had to rent. If this is a problem I can definitely show all of the bills etc ive been responsible for. Hoping this won't ruin my chances for an FHa loan, which is what...

Ramsey, NJ - Sep 22nd 2014
4 answers

by olivia....

getting mortgage with stated income loan available?

self employed for 3 years with good earnings but volatile. never owned before but rented for 4 years with no problems. my credit dropped recently but is 716 which is hopefully alright. can i do stated income?

Burlingham, NY - Sep 19th 2014
2 answers

by offerma...

loan programs that aloow for closing costs to be rolled into balance?

anyone have options for this? i can afford closing costs but if possible would like to pay them off monthly and put the funds toward helping with moving/shipping fees

Clear Brook, VA - Sep 16th 2014
3 answers

by wilsona...

Buying condo versus single family

Want to know if it's more or less expensive to take out a mortgage on a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath condo or 2 bed/1 bath singel family home. Want my monthly payment to bes low as posisble of course but even though I'm finding cheaper condos, I've been told they come with other...

Green Bay, WI - Sep 15th 2014
9 answers

by cartolo...

was preapproved then denied even though lender knew about student loan, ...

i got preapproved 3 weeks ago, already found a house, ready to apply apply - denied because i paid off the remaining balance of my student debt, lender knew i had $250 per month in student debt. i had to report it for preapproval. i just paid off the remainng $3500 at once,...

Syracuse, NY - Sep 12th 2014
4 answers

by sissyar...

Closing costs on usda mortgage

want to know whatr i should expect for a 130000 property and no money down for closing cost?

Freetown, IN - Sep 12th 2014
1 answers

by heartla...

Will I be able to refinance within 1 year of buying? I'm putting 10% down

I'm going to be starting nursing school and am hoping for a cashout refi to help with my reduced work hours. Once I get my RN my income will increase significantly

Topeka, KS - Sep 11th 2014
3 answers

by conniet...

will fha approve condo with no central air?

Westminster, CA - Sep 11th 2014
3 answers

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