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Do all va loans have zero down option?

even for poor to midrage credit? like 650-670
By alvega7862337 from NJ Sep 30th 2014
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Yes. Call me direct @ 646 492 0936 to discuss

Sep 30th 2014

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Yes... and NO. It is zero down payment UP TO the VA loan limit in your area. In the vast majority of the country, this is currently $417,000. There are a few small areas where this limit is a bit higher. As long as the loan you are getting is under the limit in your area, it is zero down payment. If you need a loan higher than the limit, you WILL need a down payment on a VA loan. The amount of downpayment is roughly 25% of the difference between the area loan limit and the purchase price. Lending in MN, WI, and SD - www.VA-IRRRL-Loan-MN.com

Sep 30th 2014

I am a lender in Cherry Hill NJ. I would like to discuss you scenario. Please give me a call. Sharon 732 606 6264

Sep 30th 2014

Yes, they do. Credit is just one piece of the qualification, and the credit score can determine if a lender can't give you a loan because it falls below the minimum acceptable credit score for that program. This credit score won't automatically disqualify you for a VA mortgage but we need to run through a prequalification and look at your income, your other debts, the source of any money you are using to complete the transaction, and other factors. Call me at 610-308-9001 ot send an email to fallone@univest.net if you would like to discuss in more detail. Ed Fallon, NMLS#144708, Univest Bank & Trust Co.

Sep 30th 2014

Yes... and NO. It is zero down payment UP TO the VA loan limit in your area. In the vast majority of the country, this is currently $417,000. BCB Community is a direct lender.If you have any questions, please let me know?Jim Mazzola732-501-4249

Sep 30th 2014

VA allows you to purchase up to conforming loan limits, currently $417K, with zero down payment.. if you are purchasing a home that is higher than that, then you will be required to put money down.. how much will depend on the sale price of the property..I'm a Broker here in Scottsdale AZ and I only lend in Arizona. If you or someone you know is looking for financing options, feel free to contact me or pass along my information. William J. Acres, Lender411's number ONE lender in Arizona. 480-287-5714 WilliamAcres.com

Sep 30th 2014

Yes all VA loans are with no money down. You finance a Funding Fee to VA. A credit score of 650-670 is fine. Feel free to contact me anytime, I am VA certified. Mgonzalez@Cenmarkmortgage.com 201-726-2662

Oct 1st 2014

It really depends on the VA loan limit in your area. With a 620+ credit score you should be able to qualify fir 100% financing as long as you meet all the other guidelines. Let's discuss your VA loan scenario in more detail. Contact me at 800 315 8803 or 973 979 4100. My name is Jamie and I am a proud vet that has been offering VA loans since 1989. I am happy to answer your mortgage questions, 7 days a week and review your loan scenario. Until then, I look forward to hearing from you. Jamie Lynne - Lending Nationwide Since 1989 - jamie@bartprequalifies.com - www.bartprequalifies.com

Oct 3rd 2014


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