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Will I be able to refinance within 1 year of buying? I'm putting 10% down

I'm going to be starting nursing school and am hoping for a cashout refi to help with my reduced work hours. Once I get my RN my income will increase significantly
By heartlandpoolman7846510 from KS Sep 11th 2014
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Unless you are buying with a VA loan you will not be able to do a cash out above 85% of the home value. I assume you are talking about trying to recoup some of your down payment. That is not likely. You may be better off keeping your cash liquid and renting until you are done with school. Unless you are buying a home that would appreciate significantly based on what you would do to it, etc. Good luck. Jim

Sep 11th 2014

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Then I would suggest putting 3.5% down via FHA program. Then apply 6.5% or more to the principal.in order to get the overall balance down quicker. Because your credit score and debt ratio's factor in the equation, you may not be able to do a cash out refinance. Open Mortgage is a residential lender with a variety of purchase and refinance programs available. If you need more information or have additional questions, please call me at 816-914-9685.

Sep 11th 2014

As Jim said only VA will allow cash out above 85% loan to value. If you need the supplemental cash next year and you are still buying a home now you probably need to go FHA with 3.5% down or if you go a little outside topeka you could do Rural loan with no down. If you are VA eligible you can also go with zero down. If you need more help I am located in Topeka. You can reach me at 273-5004

Sep 11th 2014


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