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by nuakase...

Getting car and mortgage

How long after buying new truck should i wait to apply for a mortgage

Hanover, PA - Aug 4th 2014
5 answers

by curtast...

realator will not help me until i get prequalified?

first time buyer here but cannot search for homes. realator agent i want to work with says i need to get prequalified first. about how long does this take and do i need to provide a credit report and pay stubs?

Meredith, CO - Aug 1st 2014
7 answers

by user755...

how many borrowers can hold a mortgage

want to go in on a house with my friends. there are 3 of us. is this messy or doable? we will occupy for next few years b4 renting property out as well

Monument, CO - Jul 31st 2014
3 answers

by cherond...

Can i get a VA ARM with a 675 credit score?

hoping to do a 5 year ARM morgage through VA - 675 credit acceptable? Wife's credit is much better at 730 something but her income is lower. what are options

Newtown, CT - Jul 31st 2014
3 answers

by alexias...

Not sure of the loan size Ill qualify for?

What mortgage size can i get with 723 score making $45000 annually?

Horton, MI - Jul 30th 2014
5 answers

by justsay...

does fannie fund fourplexes?

i want to get a fourplex with no mortgage insurance so conventional seems the only way to go. insight appreciated

Grenloch, NJ - Jul 29th 2014
1 answers

by kurrico...

Late payment on electric bill

i've had one late payment for electric in the last 4 monthhs. so far it has not seemed to effect my credit but i'm worried about it because id like to get a mortgage. do you know if/when it will effect my credit or if it is too soon since the late payment to get a mortgage?

Magnetic Springs, OH - Jul 29th 2014
2 answers

by aniyah4...

am i able to secure a duplex thru VA an then live on one side but rent t...

interested in duplex with 100% VA financing. Owner occupy 1 unit and rent other unit to fellow army vet

Fort Benning, GA - Jul 28th 2014
5 answers

by s00nyer...

seller paying closing costs

what is the best way to get the seller to pay our closing costs? haven't found a home yet and do not have an agent yet just anxious about this process

Mina, NV - Jul 25th 2014
3 answers

by alinaru...

Best loan type for selfemployed ?

best mortgage loans for selfemployeds. Have fico 726 and income between 4-5k each month minimum - goes up from there.

Wellington, NV - Jul 24th 2014
2 answers

by orionsw...

which programs do 100% financing for first time mortgage borrowers?

i thought i could do this zero down through fha but have been informed it's no longer possible..?

Wellington, NV - Jul 23rd 2014
4 answers

by lencrel...

Length of time for mortgage close on FHA loan

what is the typical turnaround time for FHA loan to close

Franklin, NJ - Jul 23rd 2014
2 answers

by altonka...

can i get down payment assistance for buying in the newfoundland area on...

income is $75k and my credit is above 700. concerned about a SECOND mortgage - just want to clarify

Ewan, NJ - Jul 22nd 2014
2 answers

by 4dlanec...

changing jobs and getting a mortgage

I keep reading that I need to have a work history of 2 years min to get a mortgage, but I'm moving into a better paying position at a new company and am done with renting. is there any loophole that will allow me to get a mortgage anyway?

Amesbury, MA - Jul 21st 2014
5 answers

by tryingi...

will i qualify for usda

i have ~700 credit and a lender calcd my DTI at 39% last year, although i've since paid off my car so i expect it should be lower now. make $54 thou net annually.

Broomall, PA - Jul 18th 2014
3 answers

by kenwilt...

as a first time buyer am i able to get a conventional mortgage

options for conventional mortgage no pmi for first time buyers

Birmingham, MI - Jul 18th 2014
4 answers

by bsanjay...

what are loan requirement for manufacture home

seeking mortgage for manufacture property but i do not know what the requirement is for down payment. what is the down payment requirement for manufacture loan

Edmonds, WA - Jul 17th 2014
6 answers

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