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I'm trying to get a VA loan but my credit is poor

It's 617. IDo I have any chance at all or is there a company who could at least also fo credit repair with me while also getting mortgage financed?
By sala_roster7523335 from TX Dec 12th 2014
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You sure do. Our company advanced lending solutions can go down to a 580 credit score. Feel free to call me Mike Stewart at 269 806 2988.

Dec 12th 2014

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Your score is not that far off from where it needs to be - 620. Within 3 months, improvements can be made. That is if you have the time. You may check with a mortgage broker/lender to see if anyone offers a portfolio VA loan that allows a lower than 620 credit score. I work with an investor who allows as low as 560 for VA, but that's in Louisiana. Best of luck!!

Dec 12th 2014

I am mortgage banked in Dallas,TX. I can go down to a 600 however I will need management approval. I can also review your credit to see where you can improve on to increase your score. I believe in making the process as streamlined as possible. Call me if you would like to talk further: Kirsten Fleenor 214-886-2898

Dec 12th 2014

We are giving out loans/project funding if you have a project that needs financing kindly contact me Email:info.james.fin@gmail.comRegards

May 12th 2015


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