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whats the possibillity of financing the va funding fee into my loan?

in the market for a va loan, did not know about the funding fee. ca n it be rolled into the total loan? i was prepared for just about everything else including closing costs and my credit is very good above 700
By Baronvelder762430 from OK Feb 23rd 2015
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Hi there,A VA funding fee can normally be rolled into your loan, especially if the purchase price is below $417,000 on the price of the home. Please keep in mind that If you have a 10% or more service connected disability, you normally are exempted from paying the VA Funding Fee. Please keep in mind that all programs are subject to underwriting review & conditions.My name is Nick Utesch and I'm a Mortgage Loan Officer with Progressive Financial Services Corp. in Oklahoma City. We do business statewide and VA loans are one of my specialty areas. You can reach me at 405.308.4208. Please keep in mind that all programs are subject to underwriting review & conditions. Nicholas R Utesch NMLS ID #214427 / 216693 www.valoansok.com

Feb 23rd 2015

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Have you used your VA benefits before?? the fees are rolled into the loan, and how much are you looking at for the loan size?? I work with the military folks a lot .. if you want to send me info without on the internet, my email is yourloanpartnerforlife@live.com linda

Feb 24th 2015

Yes you can finance the funding fee for a VA Loan into the loan.

Feb 24th 2015

We are giving out loans/project funding if you have a project that needs financing kindly contact me Email:info.james.fin@gmail.comRegards

May 12th 2015


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