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Wondering whats the minimum credit score Id need for a Fannie mortgage ?

By trudell7823114 from OH Jun 23rd 2014
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Trudell, In order to get a Mortgage it is not just your Credit Score. You would be best to talk with a lender that works in your area or Ohio and discuss the specifics with regard to your Credit Scores, income and Down Payment. I am an lender in Ohio and you are welcome to call me and we can discuss the details.

Jun 23rd 2014

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Fannie mortgages usually start around 640-660. it is dependent on how much you are putting down, income, type of credit/tradelines. i am happy to talk, my cell is 513-602-5498 or you can find out firm online at www.FindOhioLoan.com

Jun 23rd 2014

Most lenders offer Conventional mortgages (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) down to a 620 score. Like Tim mentioned, there is more to it than just credit score, but if you'd like to discuss feel free to give me a call in the office at 513-777-8383 | T.C. Strait at Lynx Financial Group.

Jun 24th 2014


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