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how fast are prequals?

hoping a prequal for me could take no more than a day. is this typical/possible? speaking with an agent who won't show me a property until this gets done and i don't want the house to fly off the market after waiting 2 long
By dinesh_kraja8653283 from NJ Aug 6th 2014
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A quick pre-qualification can be done in just a few minutes over the phone. We take an application, and see what you look like. Maybe even pull credit. These are really just "looks OK" situations. Most agents want REAL pre-approval letters, which means a lender has taken an application, pulled credit REVIEWED DOCUMENTS like pay stubs, W2's, etc., and have run your file through the automated underwriting engines. In my case, I can get it done as fast as you can get me your supporting documents. We lend in MN, WI, and SD. www.MortgagesUnlimited.biz

Aug 6th 2014

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Some prequals are more difficult than others depending upon the criteria of the applicant but in general, yes I can provide a prequal letter to you within the same day.

Aug 6th 2014

Very fast! Call Roy Bhiro in our NY area office 631-391-6461 (NJ is one of the few states where I'm not licensed.) Good luck!

Aug 6th 2014

Can prepare a pre-qualification for you within 15 minutes!

Aug 6th 2014

A quick pre-qual should take about 15 minutes over the phone . I am very familiar with the Pine Beach are. Give me a call.Sharon 732 606 6264

Aug 6th 2014


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