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can my friend and I go in on a mortgage together even though we are not married or related?

both just graduated from master's program so carry debt but had job offers out the gate. Making $110 combined
By val.delcoeur94320426 from LA Apr 8th 2014
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As long as both of your income and credit meet the guidelines of the loan you are trying to get, yes, you both can go on the loan together as long as both of your intend to live in the property. Please call me and we can go over all the details.

Apr 8th 2014

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You most certainly can buy a house together. Congratulations on getting jobs right out of school.

Apr 8th 2014

Yes, both can be on the loan/house title - Call me to discuss, Christine Ellison @ 985-956-7555 office or 504-322-6098 cell or email cellison@southwestfunding.com

Apr 8th 2014

Absolutely you can!

Apr 8th 2014

sorry- 985-956-7555 office / 504-322-6098 / email @ cellison@southwestfunding.com

Apr 8th 2014


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