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Are there any mortgages that go longer than 30 years?

I've seen ads for 40 year mortgages online but I had never heard of them before. Are 40 yr options available
By canara2374419 from IN Aug 18th 2014
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There are some options out there but I would highly advise against this option simply because the payment differential would not be large enough to justify the amount of additional interest you'd pay over that 10 year period over an above the traditional 30 yr fixed. My advice would be to stick with a 30 year fixed program. If it's a lower payment you're after there adjustable rates that are locked in for 3, 5, 7 and even 10 year periods that are based on 30 year terms and even some interest only programs available. Rates are still incredibly low and the 30 year term whether fixed or adjustable rate is a much better solution. Email or call me and we can take a look with a free consultation.

Aug 19th 2014

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