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what is a yield spread premium and will i have to pay one?

is this an extra fee on the mortgage? i only just saw a question about it online and had never heard of it before. i am looking into the fha program if that helps
By elvira_ck89340893 from IL May 5th 2014
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The yield spread premium is how the lender is getting paid and disclosed to you in the event you are using a Mortgage Broker rather than a Mortgage Banker or Bank. You do not pay this - it is paid by the Loan investor to the Mortgage Broker.

May 5th 2014

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it is fee that is paid to broker from the end lender and is not charged to you.

May 5th 2014

It is typically what the lender pays a broker for placing your loan with them. It is now technically called lender compensation.

May 5th 2014

It is NOT a cost you pay... It is how a lender compensates a broker for giving them the loan.

May 5th 2014


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